An LPO company comes to visit me!

A Legal Processing Outsourcing company came to visit me!

It was an exciting moment in my life as the manager of an outsourcing directory.  I had spoken to many companies in India and the Philippines on the phone, but I had only met a few programming and web design companies who I had used for my own business needs.  This was a first — a meeting — and an exciting one.  A Legal Process Outsourcing company boss from India took a tour of the United States meeting with their business contacts in various parts of the United States.  There were two gentlemen, both very well spoken. We discussed marketing strategies for their business.  I will omit their names and locations for their privacy.

In any case, we discussed ways to improve their site which looks really nice.  Also, I came up with many ways to promote their overall web presence using SEO techniques. I might be able to find them clients from the U.S. over time as I develop my business presence. I hope that I develop a great relationship with this company.

It is my dream to have a close relationship with many BPO and outsourcing companies in the future. I might pay India a visit in 2013 and visit several different cities. I might visit the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates as well.  It is hard to handle my workload and travel too, but I will find a way once I make many of my processes more streamlined.  Every month I find a new way to make one of my processes just a little bit more effective or efficient, and over time the results are phenominal!

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