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How should your BPO be using social media?

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Do you use social media? Most of us do. Do you use it for your outsourcing outfit? Many people do. But, are you using it the right way?

Most companies engage in a lot of self-promotion, boring industry news, and don’t make an effort to constantly maintain their social media profiles.

Get a blog & then promote it on FB, TW, etc.
To do well in social media you need your own content in the form of a blog. You could have a forum if you have some serious industry players who like to interact on your medium as well. Then, you need a way to promote that blog such as a newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any of the other mediums. Despite all of the new kids on the block, I have never seen a social media platform perform even 10% as well as Facebook does when it comes to harnessing the power of clicks. Mark Zuckerberg — my hero! Another reason I like Facebook is that Mark Zuckerberg speaks Chinese as a second language and so do I.

Blogging from A to Z
The problem is that blogs don’t just write themselves. You need a constant supply of ideas every month. You should be publishing at least 12 articles a month. But, where will you come up with those ideas and who will do the writing? Next, you should ideally have some nice photos to put in the blog articles. If you write about how great your company is, nobody will be interested. But, if you take industry information, jazz it up and make it interesting, you might get some readers. Roughly 5% of your blog articles should be self-promoting. After you have gained a loyal following, you can try to sell them a little bit. But, honestly, the real selling happens when people are impressed by your level of knowledge and sophistication in your blogging. If you become a source or the source of industry specific information in your specialty — people will flock to you without any attempt to sell them anything. That is the secret. So, get writing my friends!

Facebook, etc.
Once you have some blog articles, the next step is to promote them. You can promote to existing clients via a newsletter. However, you also need to reach new prospects, and social media platforms are a great way to do this. My Notary directory gets tons of traffic from Facebook. I study what works well on Facebook and create more content based on that data. The problem is that it takes years to develop a good Facebook following even with paid advertising. We have been using Facebook since 2009 with amazing results, but it didn’t happen overnight or by accident.

Ideas for writing
You can write about what others in your industry are doing in the form of stories. Stories are fun to read and will gain you followers. You can write how to articles. Nothing is more popular to read than how to. Writing about what goes on in your office will help people get to know you before they ever talk to you. The closer people feel to you, the more likely they will actually use your service one day. Show photos of what you did on Valentine’s day, Diwalli, or Ramaddan, etc.

Is there a faster way?
Succeeding on the internet can be fast if you sell a product. But, competition for products is so bad, that your competition will be equally fast in putting you out of business. Success takes time and a lot of effort. But, it is also fun. So, start using social media for your business today!

Twitter has changed it’s game. My retweets are being ignored!

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News from the Twitterverse
I remember the good old days. Perhaps a year ago in Twitter time. I retweeted a lot of content and got a lot of retweets to my retweets. It was easy. I figured out what my audience liked and gave it to them with a click of a button. But, it’s not working any more. I retweet fascinating stuff, and I rarely get any attention. Why?

Followers coming in droves
But, on a brighter note, it is easier to get new followers. A year ago I had to spend two hours a day on Twitter to get 120 followers. Now, I can get about 200 new followers in about two hours of work. The work consists of following, unfollowing those who didn’t follow me back, favoriting a dozen or so posts, and posting my own content. If you want to know how to get Twitter followers, follow this model.

Where I find my content
Rather than retweeting hot content, I look on Google to see what is hot in the various categories I tweet about. I find good articles there and post them with tweet titles that I think of myself with great tags. I spend a little time on this because a catchy title will get lots of play. The result is that I can easily get between five and twenty interactions on most of my posts without even trying that hard. But, the even better content I share from other accounts by retweeting gets ignored. Interacting helps too. But, you have to be classy how you interact. Most people have dull comments to make where there is nothing you can say in return. This doesn’t help.

Publish or perish!
So come out with your own content, or publish other people’s content under your account rather than sharing. Sharing is history! The new Twitter is about posting.

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

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To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question
Whether ’tis Nobler in the Twitter feed to suffer
The Tweets and Shares of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of articles,
And by opposing end them: to log out, to sleep
No more; and by logging out, to say we end
The eye-strain from staring too long at the monitor, and the thousand Natural shocks
That Flesh is heir to? ‘Tis a consummation
Addictedly to be wished. To log out, to sleep,
To sleep, perchance to Dream about Twitter; aye, there’s the favorite button,
For in that sleep of death, what retweets or mentions may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
We become a bot, and we pause. There’s the respect
That makes Calamity of so long life…

My advice:
Tweet 30-40 times per day. Try to only tweet content that people will share. It is good to experiment, but only with content that you think has a good chance of being popular. If you want to do more, open a second account that can work in tandem with the first account. Tweet some beautiful photos periodically in your feed to attract those with good taste. And remember — every time you contemplate a tweet and its worthiness, ask yourself:

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question…

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How to choose which posts to share on Social Media & how often?

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We all seem to use social media, yet so many of us use it so poorly. Do you share posts that have a nice title? Or should you stick to those that have a nice photo in their Twitter roll. What about the actual content of the article? I say, that you should use a process, and let me outline the process.

1. I keep lists of all of my favorite accounts on Twitter. You can do the same for Facebook. Every day I identify a handful or two of the best posts. Then, I compare those posts to each other and pick the best four or so posts to see which one I think appeals most to my audience.

2. I scan the article
Posting articles that you haven’t read is a poor idea. There are many popular blogs out there that publish a lot of fluff, and then once in a while they have useful content. You don’t need to spend ten minutes reading every word of the article. Just skim through it and make sure it looks substantial and interesting.

3. Give weight to the photo
If you are going to share someone else’s tweet, the quality of the photo in the tweet actually matters a lot. Even if your share doesn’t get reshared, a pretty picture makes your Twitter roll look better and you will get more followers — proven fact! So, the article needs to be good, and so does the photo. They should get the same quality score from you of an A or a B+, otherwise don’t bother cluttering up your feed.

4. The title actually matters too.
A great post with a boring title will not get circulated as well. Ann Handley is a marketing expert and claims that you should spend as much time perfecting your titles as you do with the entire blog post. Ann’s team might spend hours on a post, and hours deciding upon the perfect title. They do a bang up job, and so should you when choosing which titles other people wrote to share.

5. Should you tweet the post from your account?
It is easier to click the retweet button. However, Twitter will give you more credit and you will get a lot more shares if you write your own innovative title for the article and send it out again. If you don’t have a stock of excellent photos, you might lack there. But, on Twitter photos are less critical than on Facebook and many other mediums. If the original photo wasn’t that good, consider tweeting from your own account. If you can write a better title, then tweet from your own account. If you are in a hurry, then just click the share or retweet button.

6. Remove dead leaves
If posts you posted or shared don’t do well, I would remove them as they clutter your feed. Social media is about trial and error. Get rid of the errors!

That’s all for now.
But, keep in mind that you should not tweet or reshare a total of more than 30-40 times per day on Twitter if you want your account to grow. So choose what to share with care and flare!

How to be as successful as Scott Eddy on Twitter & get 500,000+ followers

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We all want to be huge on Twitter, yet so few of us get anywhere. I notice that the click ratio for my tweets is never that great even if the article is amazing. So, to get good clicks from links on your Twitter account you need a really large Account. Last time I checked, Scott Eddy had more than 671,000 followers. I started following him when he had only about 440,000 followers which was only two years back. I have six Twitter accounts myself. I had two for Notary, two for Outsourcing & Marketing, an acupuncture twitter and one for Travel. I found Scott Eddy while searching for interesting travel tweets. In any case, to get big on Twitter you need to have several ingredients in place.

1. Follow 1000 people per day.
In real life, it is hard to follow 1000 people per day. But, if you can identify which type of targetted profiles will be most likely to follow you back or even share your content, you will get a lot for your following time. You need to unfollow those 1000 after three or more days ideally. When your Twitter account is small, it might not be so easy to do this. But, as you grow, you can easily follow a 1000 and then scroll down 1000 deep in the people you follow to delete the old ones you have been following for 72 hours or whatever you deem the correct amount of time is.

2. Interact
Successful people on Twitter always make a habit of answering people’s questions. They often retweet their fans if their fans have something tweet-worthy as well.

3. Follow people back
I made the mistake for years of not following everyone back. Most people will dump you if you don’t follow them back. It’s hard to grow a huge following if 70% of your followers dump you. It takes twenty seconds a day to follow people back.

4. Create a Persona
If people get to know you via your Twitter profile and blog, they will engage with you better. Making your tweets more personal, and having photos of what you do, where you go, and you yourself wins the game. My Notary blog helps people to get to know me. The result is that it is a lot easier to sell them courses, advertising and more since they feel they already know me. Scott does exactly this as he has great photos and blogs of all his travel as well as retweeting really great content created by others.

5. Post a diversity of content
Quality is king. If you post poor quality content, your followers won’t come to your profile regularly. However, diversity counts too. Post a few really amazing quotes, links to great blog entries from others, as well as your own personal content.

6. Use analytics to see what your audience likes
Each audience is its own animal. You need to study your audience to see what they like. As you find what they like, you can spend your time writing blogs that cater to their interests. On the other hand, if you write about what you think is fascinating, that enthusiasm could become contagious.

7. Post, Post, Post
Successful people on Twitter post around the clock. That way if you visit their profile regularly, you will always find new content. Nothing is more fun that finding new content from your favorite account. Additionally, you can reach people who are on different schedules if you tweet at all hours of the day or night. If you only tweet in the afternoon, you will never reach particular people!

8. Amazing photos
I rarely use photos on my social media, but I should. I do on my more critical paid promotions. But, amazing photos can draw in the crowds in social media.

9. Lists and keeping organized
Some people attract others by having amazing lists that they created. I use lists to follow others. I see that other people will have lists of thousands of followers. To me that is wasteful. I want my lists to be focused so I can only see tweets from people who I want to see tweets from. Lists allow you to organize tweets in many creative ways. The minute I started using lists, my growth rate was immediately enhanced.

10. How come nobody said that before.
Scott Eddy is the master of having quotes so good, yet so unique that I’m always saying, “How come nobody said that before?” I asked him if he made them up or found them. He said a little of both. Here are some examples:

“There should be a calorie refund for things that didn’t taste as good as you expected”
“Getting results from other people is one of the hardest things an #entrepreneur has to do #startup.”
“Friendship is so weird…you just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like “yep I like this one” and you just do stuff with them.”
“Good judgment comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgment.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!!”

11. Combining travel, social media and wine
Some social media profiles are too focused while others are about a particular person’s life and have no theme. Scott Eddy has a lot of travel related content, regular commentary on wine, as well as social media dn business tips with an entrepreneurial twist. I find that his combination of elements makes his profile one that I want to go back to regularly as I share all of his interests. I actually do something similar with my main social media profile. I combine general business, outsourcing social media, programming, and call center themes all into one profile.

12. Keep doing it
There is a lot more to know about Twitter than what I just described. But, if you put a lot of time into your profile and keep it going over years, you can accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers. My growth rate on twitter is exponential, and not constant. The more I have, the easier it is to grow. I believe this is because Twitter introduces more people to me the larger I become

Doing some Twitter analytics. Click rates per 100,000 impressions.

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In the old days, I would just tweet my blog posts. I would write multiple tweets for popular posts. But, I would retweet posts that got more attention on Twitter. This turned out to be a good idea and a bad idea. After inspecting my analytics, I learned that we weren’t getting many clicks from Twitter.

My recent experiment was to post all of my blog entries. There are about 800 of them, so I posted them one by one. The ones that got clicked on were ones that I did some testing on. I tested a few dozen posts to see how well they would do if I published them multiple times to attain 100,000 impressions. I have 9000 followers on one of my business Twitter accounts and 19000 on the marketing account. I posted tweets on the smaller one, and then retweeted them each five times on the larger account over the course of 30 hours. The total number of impressions would be slightly above 100,000. I learned that some of the posts I had been ignoring for years did very well on Twitter. A few posts got two or three clicks when published with 100,000 impressions while many only got one.

I also learned that the average click rate for blogs published once on Twitter (instead of five times in a day) was roughly 1 in 98,000 impressions which is an interesting stat to know. Now I know what to expect when my Twitter followers grow to a few hundred thousand hopefully in a few years.

Doing well on Twitter takes a lot of work and there are a lot of things to measure and a lot of ways to measure various analytics and metrics. So, try to think about ways you can measure what is going on with your Twitter account.

Pimp my Tweet – a BPO company specializing in Twitter

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I remember the MTV show long time ago called, Pimp My Ride. But, how come there is no agency that can help give tweets a makeover? Most people write boring tweets that could stand a lot of improvement. There are after all 140 characters and endless tag variations to work with. With all of this flexibility, why is it that most people can’t tweet? Even the biggest profiles that I follow that have over a million followers write very dull tweets. They tweet the title of their blog instead of working some magic out of it most of the time. And when they do rephrase the tweet based on some juicy internal content, it still isn’t all that.

Here is some sales literature from a fictional India based social media BPO company.

Pimp My Tweet BPO Pvt. Ltd.

Tired of the same old lame-ass tweets?
It’s time to put some style in your Twitter handle.
Here is what our experts recommend!

If the tweet don’t flow — then it must go
If the tweet ain’t hype, you must retype
If the link don’t fit, you must find wit
If you put your tag in the wrong spot—good job – Not!

For the dopest, phattest tweets around, come to Pimp My Tweet BPO.

(ring, ring)

SUJATA: Thank you for calling Pimp My Tweet BPO, this is Sujata, how may I help you?

CLIENT: Yes, my Tweets are quite boring actually. I was hoping that you could help.

SUJATA: Yes, we can help jazz up your tweets. Let me take a look…. (pause) Oh, I see the problem.

CLIENT: Were you able to take a look at my work?

SUJATA: Yes. It is not (pause) bad… But, it is too straight. You just tweet straight facts and basic sentences. You need to put some play in yo jive.

CLIENT: Wait a second. You are located in Bangalore, and you know 1970’s Bronx street slang?

SUJATA: Well, it’s actually a problem you see. If aunty ever finds out I work for a company whose title includes the name pimp, I’m in huge trouble. I have rehearsed what I’m going to tell her if there is a problem. It is a typo, and it was supposed to be “Pin My Tweet” — on Pinterest, you know. Aunty is used to typos, they make a lot of them where she works.

CLIENT: Got it. I know how that is. I was at a hamburger spot in Chennai called Mary Brown, and they spelled Mary like Marry which means to have a wedding, etc., if it has two r’s. Comical actually.

SUJATA: You sound like a character. Which makes you 139 short of a full tweet. Well Anyway, you basically need to put some strut to get out of your rut. Do some jive to get out of your hive, and most of all — don’t tag outside your territory, or that could cause a turf war.

CLIENT: Oh, you mean graffiti? Well, the internet isn’t like that.

SUJATA: I know that, but we are trying to appeal to New York Street sensibilities. Our clients grew up on the streets of New York. Generally on more affluent streets if they can afford us, but nonetheless they would be familiar with street culture.

CLIENT: The other companies can barely function in English, but you know our slang — at least the antiquated slang.

SUJATA: We aim(s) to please! And we’ll make your dull Twitter handle into the hippest, coolest, dopest account in Twitter history. Just give us a chance. We offer samples of our work for a low introductory offer. After that we have a contract for a monthly arrangement. 60 tweet revisions per month for one low price of rps3000 / month which is only about $60. And we have a viral surcharge. If any of our tweets go viral, we expect a generous tip.

CLIENT: You’ll get tips, referrals and more if you help me go viral. Thanks a bunch. I look forward to you guys pimping my tweets. Just don’t get up on my honeys.

SUJATA: Oh, no we wouldn’t think of it. And one more thing.


SUJATA: If you meet aunty on any subsequent trips to Chennai, please don’t mention that I work here. Let’s keep it between you and me. Can you dig it?

CLIENT: Yes, I dig.

Hitting the 10,000 mark on Twitter; Halfway up Mt. Twitterest!

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I did it !!
A few months ago I hit 10,000 mark on my Twitter account, which is one third of the followers Bernie Sanders typically has at a campaign rally. Hitting 10,000 was very exciting, but didn’t change my life.

A flood of 140 emotions
I’m happy I got 10,000 followers, but to get major traffic or respect on Twitter, you need at least 100,000. Still, hitting a milestone felt good! On the other hand, I seem to have Twittered away more than an hour a day for the last year achieving this goal. I often ask myself, “was it worth it?” It’s hard to know if social media is worth your time, because the real reward only comes once you have developed a huge following and superior skills.

The reward comes at the end
Having been a student of the spiritual world over twenty-five years, certain phrases still resonate in my mind: “The reward comes at the end.” We spend years, decades and our entire life meditating to reach a lofty spiritual goal. But, we don’t get the rewards incrementally. We get the reward only when we reach the destination. Twitter, much like life seems to operate according to the same logic.

Twitter lends itself to exponential growth
You need a foundation to grow on Twitter, and you won’t get much return on your investment (even if you are Donald Trump) while you are building that foundation. However, once you have a solid following, you will find that using the same hour a day you spend (or three in Kim Kardashian’s case) you will gain more followers. I noticed that I went from getting about 20 followers a day to over 100 without spending additional time. If you have more followers, you will have more people who regularly retweet you which will get your messages across. You will also be better at writing tweets and picking the best articles to write or share.

Halfway up the mountain 10,000 feet (or followers) high
I have tweeted far and wide, and well past base camp which I passed several months back. It’s too late to turn back now. But, I am excited to see what is in front of me. I will breathe easier as I reach new plateaus (good thing this isn’t an actual mountain; otherwise I’d need an oxygen tank at this point.) My journey would have been much easier if I had had a Sherpa, but I guess hiking Mt. Twitterest doesn’t work that way. But, when I get stuck for ideas, I just ask my imaginary Sherpa for one.

Having it all figured out
After having struggled on Twitter for years, I feel like I have somewhat figured it out. I remember the types of hurdles I went through four years ago wondering why nobody liked my lame tweets. I learned to warm up my tweets to make them fun to read. I also learned how to experience and analyze which types of topics, articles and tweets do best. At this point, it is just about repeating the process. But, repeating the process means exploring many interesting articles and new themes for articles that I will soon write. Although I feel I know it all now, the growth rate, and the type of situations I will run into will continue to change — and there will never be a dull moment, but if there is, I’ll make sure it doesn’t show up on my feed!

Using Twitter as a tool rather than an addiction
I feel that I am too obsessive about Twitter. I shouldn’t spend as much time as I do. Google+ doesn’t get me much results, but it does get me SEO value whenever I publish anything. If I spent five minutes less on Twitter and spent those five minutes publishing daily on Google+, I would be using Twitter as a tool rather than an obsession. Every several months, I come up with a new plan to optimize my daily schedule. I think I just figured out my next small adjustment. Putting time management aside, use Twitter to learn new skills, read new articles, and figure out what works. You don’t need two hours a day for this. You can get huge on Twitter in as little as half an hour per day and still be able to follow, unfollow, tweet, select great articles, and interact with others.

The dream I had when I hit 10,000
I actually had this dream a month ago. I was hiking. Then, I got to a part in the trail that was too steep to hike up. I had to grab on to the long grass and pull my self up the slope for a stretch. Then, I got to a part which was very rocky and I had to climb up very treacherous sections. Finally I arrived at a ledge above me which I wouldn’t be able to get past unless I became a spider who could crawl upside down and backwards to get to the edge of it and then on top. But, I glanced to the right and there was a trail covered by a wooden structure. I quickly made my way into the wooden walkway and it led to a French restaurant and pastry shop. There were twelve choices for fruit pies; eleven after my imaginary Sherpa appeared out of nowhere and got his hands on one. My interpretation of this dream was that I had struggled up hill for years, but now I would enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Mastering other networks
I did spend two years trying to master Facebook, Google plus and a few other social media networks. I made excellent progress and our Notary Facebook account generates over 5000 clicks per month to my blog which is amazing. However, I never felt pulled towards those networks in the long run.

Social Media Saying:
Why do I keep climbing Mt. Twitterest? Because its there!


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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your office in the Himalayas?


I didn’t get retweeted, but that’s okay…

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It sounds like a song, doesn’t it. Using Twitter is an art that even the best people on social media don’t entirely understand. Mastery of Twitter involves understanding the subtle differences between a tweet worded one way and a tweet with one or two different words. One slight change in wording could be the difference between a viral tweet and a dud.

So, in your endless experiments, doing a dozen tweet variations for each blog post you write, just understand that not all of your tweets will be popular. Yes, you need a few winners, but the losers don’t hurt you. So, if a post doesn’t get retweeted, just sing my little song:

“I didn’t get retweeted, but that’s okay; I’ll have better luck — another day!
I didn’t get retweeted, but that’s okay; My growth hacking analytics sorrows that I’ve had for many many years — will go away”

You should give people “x” days to follow you back on Twitter, right?

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There are Twitter experts who have hundreds of thousands of followers who advise others. Should you take advice from these “experts?” Well, they sort of are experts since they have proven their ability to gain followers that engage. However, they don’t know your individual business. Specific knowledge about how to market your particular business is much more valuable than generalized industry knowledge about social media. If the industry standard is that you should tweet at 4pm, but you get better results at 7pm, then post more at 7pm. The key is to know how to do your own analytics and your own quick experiments and get valuable results even if they are not fine-tuned to NASA standards.

How many days do you give?
I was advised to give anywhere from 2-14 days for someone to follow me back on Twitter. Since I am aggressive on Twitter and follow up to 1000 individuals per day, I need to unfollow people so I can follow more people. I don’t have fourteen days for someone to follow me back. What I observed was really interesting. People involved in Marketing follow me back much more quickly on Twitter than those involved in technical trades such as programming, web design, call center, medical billing, etc. I can get excellent results from the Marketing crowd if I give them two or three days. But, the techies need more like three to five days. Of course on Twitter, the law of diminishing marginal return does apply. I tend to get lots of follow backs the first six hours after I follow people. Each hour or day that passes the follow back rate diminishes. It is up to you how to decide how many days to wait!

One trick I use
Rather than unfollow people at the top of my follow list after two or three days, I unfollow the next day in many cases. However, I don’t unfollow from the top. I will scroll 1000 listings down, so I get the folks I followed 48 hours ago and unfollow them if they didn’t follow me back. This technique enables me to follow and unfollow large quantities of people daily which allows me to grow a lot more quickly. You have to have more people following you than you are following to be able to use this technique.

If I follow 8000 and 10000 are following me, then Twitter will allow me to follow up to 10,000 + 10%. So, I’ll follow 1000 per day until I get to 11.000 and then unfollow from 1000 down the list the next day. That way I am always following 2000 new people at any given time.

Hitting the 10,000 mark on Twitter!

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I just hit the 10,000 mark on one of my Twitter accounts. It is kind of exciting. Not as exciting as hitting 100,000, but still good. Since that account is in a niche market, the potential for future growth looks slow. But, there is still potential in the long run, retweeted posts don’t go anywhere because the friends of industry specific people are not in the same industry. My other account which is more of a general business and social media account appeals to a much larger cut of society leaving my retweets sometimes going viral on a good day.

I know it all now — I think!
I think that the bigger issue is that I feel I have “figured out” Twitter, and Google+. I have done well on Facebook. My success path seems paved for me, although I have only achieved a small success so far. I know what to do now. I know I can get that big success. It is just a factor of doing more repetitive work, or outsourcing the work to someone else.

The most important thing is your account name!
One lesson I’ve learned about social media, is the biggest factor that can cause your ultimate success or failure is your name. Not your personal name — your account name. It’s a little like the old days. If you grew up 60 years ago in the formerly mostly Jewish Lower East Side and your name was Noddington, you just won’t be as popular as if your name was Horowitz!

I want to master more networks
I want to ultimately do social media consulting. But, I want to be the best one. I want to know the top ten networks really well. Even if I don’t physically manage them, I want to supervise and do the strategy work. For me it is all about the strategy, not the leg work, although it is good to be good at both.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but in my account with 10,000 followers, I’m changing the focus from acquiring more followers to posting more and milking the network for clicks. Wish me well! It will be fun to see what the future holds for my other accounts!