How to Optimize Your Facebook PPC Campaign

Many of us use Facebook for our business and almost all of us use it for fun. But, how optimized is your Facebook campaign? Here are a few tips to help you use Facebook and social media optimization to your advantage.

(1) Where do you get your best browsers?
I noticed that blog visits deriving from Facebook resulted in longer browsing sessions. This is a huge advantage. Use Google Analytics and see for yourself where your best browsers are coming from. Sometimes people spend longer on particular topics than others while certain social media sites might generally create better traffic. Pay attention to that.

(2) Pay attention to what topics work
In some industries people are more talkative than others. Facebook will help you realize this fast. But, perhaps you can figure out which types of topics get responded to the most. Try a different topic every day — plan long ahead of time. See which do best and create other topics that are slightly similar to the successful ones to duplicate your winnings!

(3) PPC for getting new followers
If you use Facebook’s PPC, there are two amazing ways to capitalize. You can use PPC to attract new followers. I learned that this is best done on full blast for a month, and then let it sit for a month or two. You will get a more efficient price per new follower if you are not always available!

(4) PPC for blog promotion
But, you can also do blog promotion using Facebook PPC. Certain blogs and topics will do better than others. Once again, pay attention to what types of things generally work, and repeat your success. I pay $30 per blog entry and get anywhere from 80-300 clicks. If it goes well, sometimes I put a little more money into it. I also select blog articles to put on Facebook PPC that ALREADY did well when promoted from another medium. Duplicating success can easily be done if you are constantly watching your statistics on your analytics tracking system. We got some of our best new browsers for our blog from Facebook. We found that the quality of a Facebook follower is better than from Twitter or Stumbleupon for my particular blog. What about yours?

(5) Engage — obviously
If you get to know your followers one by one, they will be more responsive. That is a law of human nature. Don’t interact with all of them, but choose the ones that seem promising. You can also follow others who are relevant to you in hopes that they will follow you back.

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