Facebook is international, but Linked In focuses more on American Business

Every social media platform is all over the globe. That is a well known fact. But, Linked In is mainly used by Americans with Indians in the #2 spot. Keep in mind that total members in the USA are only 84 million, but the quantity of their usage and pay-per-click fees represented about 80% of their total volume. This is an advantage if you like Targeting Americans! Linked In has also grown to have 277 million members, up from 200 million a year ago. They have had regular and moderate growth for many years. Linked In’s total number of followers needs to be adjusted, because I signed up twice. One for each of my businesses (maybe that is not so important.)

Linked in was launched on May 05, 2003!
Linked In is also almost four times as good for lead generation as Twitter or Facebook.

Professionals recommend using Linked In by joining professional groups, maintaining a professional profile, and posting industry relevant content.

Many companies that want more business don’t understand the value of sharing quality content. If you write useful information about how your industry works, people will be more likely to want to do business with you. You will gain recognition and faith.

Decision makers use Linked in as well as Facebook, but they use Facebook more for fun and Linked In is used more to make business contacts and business decision. So, what’s your business decision?

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