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I get dumb sounding emails daily from web design companies, web developers, call centers, BPO outfits, data entry companies, and especially from SEO companies. But, these dumb emails lack any type of knowledge of my name, needs, wants, or anything about me. Dumb emails don’t get people business with any good ratio. But, smart emails could. I would be so impressed if someone sent a smart email and actually knew something about me. Emailing is one way to attract potential clients, but what about social media?

Linked In was recommended to me by a call center professional in Calcutta. He says that he has 8000 contacts on his profile and has an easy time reaching decision makers. Please keep in mind, that being on the right medium is only part of the battle. You have to present yourself well. But, at least this is an efficient way to find companies. Can you imagine using the phone and calling people’s secretaries all day long getting nowhere? Using linked in you could probably find dozens of decision makers per day.

But, there is more. When you communicate with professional business people, they will not appreciate it if you come across as someone with the sensibilities of a teenager.

(1) Don’t use text language: i.e. “How r u”.
(2) Don’t ask what they are “into”. We are not in the 8th grade anymore. India seems to be permanently in the 8th grade in their usage of the word into not to mention certain irresponsible business practices.
(3) Don’t try to convince someone that your name is Sam Jones when you are Ramesh Ramachandra. Try to pick a nickname that sounds like your real name.
(4) Keep your conversations real and professional.
(5) Don’t make offers that are too good to be true, too cheap, or crazy sounding.

The key on Linked In as with any other medium is to get to know people before you ask for anything. To bombard a stranger with requests for contracts is sort of spamming them. Learn the art of chit-chat. Get to know people, make small talk, ask them what they do, and what their needs and aspirations are long before you try to sell them. There is no formula for how long you gossip before you introduce your services. But, I would suggest selling them on your knowledge before you sell them on your services. These days people want to buy from someone that they can trust for reliable sounding information and solutions. If you don’t know how to be like that, then learn. There is a lot of money to be made if you can be an information guru!

Remember — the difference between a 5 million dollar a year salesperson and the 5 rupee per hour salesperson is that the high priced one is cool, sociable, and is an infinite source of knowledge and confidence. His inexpensive counterpart is just an annoying jerk. Be knowledgeable, helpful and find your call center clients on Linked In.

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