Remember the golden rule of Twitter!

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The golden rule(s) of Twitter are:

(1) The top line — your total number of followers is a completely insignificant number for SEO and will not boost your site traffic at all for any social media network, including Twitter.
(2) The mid line — your total number of interactions, retweets, favorites, and mentions are what get you ahead on twitter.
(3) The bottom line is how much your twitter campaign helped you get extra clients and extra traffic that turned into increased cash flow to your business. Even if it takes several years to go from initializing your campaigns to the bottom line, that is normal in business (and worth the wait.)

BUT, there is an exception to rule #1

(4) The top line has a value in its potential even though its value is useless if untapped. If you interact with all relevant followers, you can get them to respond to you, which raises your SEO value very quickly. If you have only ten followers, you can’t interact with inside followers and can only do that on twitter keyword search results. However, if you have ten thousand dormant followers, by interacting with relevant ones, you might be able to enliven your campaign which might do miracles for your site traffic.

(5) Once you find out which followers respond to your interactions, you can contact them once a month and make lively discussions with them! That will really get your SEO going.

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