LPO Definition and Information

LPO Definition and Information
There are a few terms in outsourcing that may not be familiar terms to Americans and Europeans. BPO, KPO, and LPO.  I have written a blog article about distinguishing BPO from KPO, and LPO.  But, let me summarize here. 
BPO = Business Process Outsourcing
KPO = Knowledge Process Outsourcing
LPO = Legal Process Outsourcing
Any type of outsourcing could be classified as BPO. However, the more highly educated types of outsourcing work fall into the category of KPO, which itself is a broad term.  BPO includes any type of data entry, call center, or back office work.  KPO includes any type of knowledge intensive services which often include research, analytics, writing, software, and sometimes legal work as well.
Legal Process Outsourcing is a subset of Knowledge Process Outsourcing.  Many companies in India specialize in various types of LPO services to please foreign clients.  It is interesting that almost all LPO companies in India are located either in the Delhi NCR region, or in Bangalore.  There are huge volumes of highly educated people in any of the top ten large cities in India, but these two cities attract certain types of industries.
Typical specialties for Legal Outsourcing companies might include legal research, document drafting, patent research, litigation support, and assistance for foreign companies trying to set up a branch in India. Many companies have a wide variety of other specialties, but for Americans and Australians outsourcing to India, those are the specialties that are the most common.
I read that there were roughly 140-150 Legal Process Outsourcing companies in India, so there are plenty to choose from. 123outsource.net currenly lists over fifty such companies, and we welcome you to browse our search results.  We also have many KPO, BPO, medical billing, medical transcription, web design, and software companies that you can browse too!

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