Understanding crowdsourcing segments for Twitter

Twitter is a lot of fun, but having a niche market can get “too niche” after a while. If you want to get a large audience, tweeting only about your specialty of interest might not yield you too many followers. So, what is the secret or the “tweetret”? Keep your tweets industry specific for the most part, but keep them general as well. You need to appeal to a crossover audience and be niche enough for the niche people, and general enough for the laypeople.

A term of office for a notary public can range from 3 years to life depending on what state you are commissioned in (niche)
If you were a good babysitter, you will make a great notary signing agent (crossover)

The first tweet has some good factual information which might get you a retweet or two. But, the second one is first of all funny, but is understandable to the layperson without sacrificing relevancy!

You need to understand crowdsourcing to be good on Twitter. Your crowd is different from other crowds. They are human which unifies them with other humans around the planet. But, each crowd has certain types of subject matter and styles that appeal to them as a crowd. One crowd might like to hear about things that are illegal, while another crowd might enjoy a good scientific discovery. Remember, your tweets are not about what YOU like, but are for what your crowd likes and will retweet.

Also, remember that your crowd has followers who are not in your niche, so if you keep it general enough for a layperson to understand, you stand a chance to go viral which is the dream of any Twitterer!

Another way to handle the niche verses general market issue is to tweet 50% about niche topics, and 50% about general stuff. You might attract a well rounded crowd and be able to grow your account into the millions. Twitter is a relatively new phenomenon, and a little experimentation might be healthy. Good luck and may the tweets be with you!

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