Is bigger always better in business?

Indians always think that bigger is better. If you have a JOB at a MNC in their BPO division, then you can marry any girl you want and your life is set. You either have to be a manager at a small company, or work at a big company.

But, after calling large companies all last week, I discovered that the people working there were almost all incompetent. I called smaller companies and there was a sense of function. Not all the people were smart, but you could always reach an intelligent and caring person without too much trouble.

I think we need to get out of the habit of thinking that a particular size, location, or look is better. Let’s just look at what a company is, who is there, what they do, and how they do it. Kabbalah, the Jewish brand of spirituality talks a lot about consciousness. To me, the consciousness of a place, house, business, person, group, or state is the most important thing. You might meet someone who is wealthy, but who has a bad consciousness. Another person might be smart, but crooked or careless. Some people think a lot about words while others preoccupy on artistic matters. Many people are brain-dead and think about nothing all day long.

Take a deeper look at companies. Try to see how they tick. Don’t judge by size. But, there is more. Companies have a sort of personality. Putting aside whether a company is better or not, certain personalities will gel with you. If you are working for, working with, or hiring a company, it is so critical to be compatible with them. Spend some time getting to know people. Don’t be in a hurry to calculate how much you will make or spend. See if you are getting along naturally with them. Ask yourself if you would want to have dinner with any of these people. If the answer is yes, then they might be a potential match for you.

Remember: Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Better isn’t always better either. It is about a happy match of people with the right consciousness that counts in the end!

(1) Bigger isn’t always better. But, better isn’t always better either. It’s about compatibility!
(2) Big companies in India make it like pulling teeth to talk to a competent person!
(3) Don’t judge a company by its size but its personality. Kinda like dating.
(3) Bigger companies aren’t necessarily better. It’s whether you click. If not, hang up and let them hear ‘click’.
(4) Don’t judge a company by its size but its personality. Kinda like dating. But if blind date has “great personality,” beware their size! (retweeted already)

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