Compilation of best marketing resources

How to get more business for your BPO or Call Center (compilation)

6 strategies for growing your outsourcing business fast

The mystery of the Chinese bamboo tree and your business

7 habits of successful salespeople

If you invested in training your BPO employees, what types of skills would you teach them?

Types of tweets that win the game

Most BPO blogs use cheap looking pics

How often do you contact old prospects?

Create stories in your blog about the experience of your clients

Social media and promoting your products with humor & information

Developing your sales force of novices

How to be a better outsourcing company and attract more clients

You lose 90% of your blog traffic by requiring membership

Do you know how to communicate what is better about your company?

What if your outsourcing company spent double on customer service?

Do you invest in the customer experience?

Getting work for your company by advertising on

If someone doesn’t need your services today…

Ann Handley’s writing style and why it works

Do you help the people you sell to? You should!

Why email sales promotions don’t work as well as cold calling

What separates A quality marketers from the flock

Who are your best business connections? They are not who you think they are!

Marketing is just like being a pirate lad…

Is Kim Kardashian just another face, or can you learn about business from her?

Magic words in business / marketing

Thinking outside the croissant — a guide to better business decisions


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