New Startups from San Francisco

Here are some new startups from San Francisco

This startup helps people take care of their aging parents and relatives with on-demand care services. Elder care in America is dismal, but Honor has been helping solve that problem. They raised over $20,000,000 in 2015, and are still growing. Honor starts workers out at $15 and wants them to create long-term relationships with seniors instead of being an Uber type health care matchmaking database.

Checkr assists companies get quick background checks on perspective employees. Many employers are hiring freelancers more and more, and hiring them by using apps or website directories. You can find out within hours if your potential new hire is a criminal or pals with Osama Bin-Ladin!

Founded in 2013, Slack is a messaging app for teams. Users get a chat room where it is easy to share work files and work in a collaborative way. It is far more advanced than the annoying instant messengers with their pop ups. Slack received $340 in funding from various large groups including Google Ventures, Index, and Horizons Ventures.

AltSchool is an alternative educational system for elementary and junior high school students and is a popular choice in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York City. AltSchool emphasizes acadenics, social and emotional training, as well as a long list of projects that children can do together.

Navdy helps you navigate while keeping your eyes on the road by having a virtual monitor right in your field of vision while you are driving. Just use hand gestures and your voice to control it. Navdy — it feels like driving in the future.

Lever helps employers find people to hire who are high quality candidates. Lever boasts an applicant tracking system, collaborative email functions, and see the candidates entire history on one page. Lever has helped many companies grow from 10 to 10,000 like Lyft,, Netflix, Reddit, and others.

This ride sharing company crowd-sources new routes based on what its riders need in real-time. A person can suggest a route and if they get enough votes — voila!, a new route will be created. I believe that ride-sharing is the solution to traffic and the nightmare of public transportation — and Chariot makes ridesharing feasible and convenient!

After School
This app is banned from many stores, but let’s teenagers gossip, create videos (selfie-videos), share photos, and protect themselves from cyber-bullying. It seems like a lot of fun if you don’t have too much homework.

Brigade created an app to handle political discussions. In an attempt to get millennials interested in politics (or something other than themselves). Brigade helps people find friends and neighbors with similar points of view so that they can sign petitions together with you.

A system that allows bitcoin to change payments on the internet. The website doesn’t make it clear what is unique about these payments, or the process, so perhaps you can figure this out.


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