Compilation of interesting posts from 2015

Here is a complilation of our most interesting posts that are “of interest” rather than having a specific business value. We hope you like them.


How to create a company culture like Google’s and have fun doing it

In China, hot girls were hired to motivate programmers

Interesting startups from around the globe

A good organization has people who take charge without being overbearing

An Indian BPO learns Japanese culture to boost teamwork

Jamaica has more female bosses than anywhere else in the world

A coffeehouse guy gets hired by corporate America

Pimp my tweet — a BPO specializing in Twitter

Outsourcing a jihadi — a comedy about something not so funny

The pen is mightier than the sword, but is flogging mightier than blogging?

Does your downtime make you a better business person?

My business karma improved — an interesting example

The Charlie Hebdo attack — terror or honor killing?

Do you have a mentor? A good one?

A company has a board of directors, so why shouldn’t you?

What if you had your aptitude tested in the 1700’s?

Should you work for a startup to learn how they operate?

How women can get even with men in the workplace

The startup lab — simulations in business

The water crisis — an international problem

Will power vs. decisive will power — what’s the difference?

Is it safe for women to take cabs in India?

Do you have the Rupee mentality?

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur or a CEO?

God and retirement income

Change your brain by the people you are with

Facebook knows you better than you know your mama

The best business dream I ever had was about lions & giraffes


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