Optimizing your processes at your BPO

If you run a BPO or other business, there are many processes that you are involved in. The key to success in business is to know where to allocate your resources. If you put too much effort into one thing, you will have less resources for other endeavors that might be more critical

Example 1:
I was making calls to all of our new service providers and helping them fill out their listing. I saw it was taking up too much of my schedule and I had no time to take walks. Now, I just ask two questions, take notes on how they communicate and go on to the next listing. I now have time to focus more on marketing.

Example 2:
I was spending time running six social media campaigns. After analyzing the stats several times, I realized that one of them was getting more traffic. So, I cut down my time working on the others and focused on the winner which was Facebook. I am now putting double the effort into Facebook and getting 20 times the results. I plan to put even more time into it.

Example 3:
I was tweeting dozens of posts on Twitter. Later on I decided to see which ones were getting shares, and which were getting clicks. I also experimented with alternative titles. The result was that the posts that had merit were shared much more, and the other posts were not shared at all. I saved time and got a lot more clicks.

Example 4:
My friend needed to hire people, but interviewing took too much time. So, he formulated a bunch of questions for his assistant to ask the applicants. My buddy would scan the results of the interview questions and then schedule a second interview with those he liked. He cut out 80% of the time he was spending before with interviews.

Example 5:
A friend in India had 20 employees. They all had lunch from 12 to 1. He thought about how much work could be done if he starved his employees, and he did. Several threatened to quit, although they were so weak from not eating that their threats were in a weak tone of voice. So, he decided to have lunch delivered to the office, and they ate all together, and then had twenty minutes to take a walk around the block. Their lunch went from 60 minutes to 40 minutes, so the boss got more work out of them without losing any employees to starvation.

Thats all for now, but if you take a closer look at the hundreds of processes your company does, there are better ways, and more efficient ways to do them all.


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