Using Twitter as a tool rather than an addiction

It is hard really. I quit Twitter for several months. It consumed me. I was always sharing, posting, and interacting. It just got to be a huge drain of my time. But, I had accumulated so many followers. My main Twitter account has more than 21,000 followers. That is impressive! I mastered the art of growing my Twitter.

My case was a rare case. Most people use social media as an addition. In my opinion, most people no longer know how to socialize or value it. It might be refreshing to visit a tribal society that has no electricity. They probably know how to socialize quite well. I use Twitter to promote my business. But, I realized that not all of the activities I did on Twitter were that effective. I would spend too much time reading other people’s posts.

To gain rank on Twitter you need to publish content that gets shared. Reading other people’s content may be interesting, but figuring out what will get shared is paramount. So, if I were focused purely on business, I would find 40 articles per day, write tweets for them, and send them out one by one at ten or twenty minute intervals. I could probably get double out of my Twitter time if I would be a little more disciplined! Oh well.

But, for the rest of you, try to think about how you can use Twitter for what it’s worth. You can:

1. Get clicks to your site from the URL on your Twitter home page from new people who found you on Twitter
2. Get new followers
3. Get clicks to your blog from tweets
4. Meet new business contacts
5. Interact with prospects using Twitter
6. Read what others are writing about
7. Publish other people’s articles on your feed if you think they might be popular
8. Share beautiful photos on your feed — a pretty feed gets more followers!

So, those are some realistic and helpful goals. I hope that benefits you!

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