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List of Call Centers in India

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Are you looking for a list of call centers in India?

123outsource.net offers the most streamlined shopping experience for Indian call centers and other outsourcing operations. We cater to 28 outsourcing specialties ranging from Accounting, inbound call center, technical support, lead generation, data entry, medical transcriptions, web design, software development and more.

123outsource.net goes through all of the listings on the site regularly to remove companies whose phones have been disconnected. We also demote companies on the list who have poor communication skills or who ignore emails to save our browsers grief in the long run. At the top of the search results for call centers in India and other searches you’ll find the best companies out there.

There are many types of Indian call centers
We have companies that specialize in appointment setting, chat support, email support, inbound, order taking, collections, telemarketing, lead generation, technical support and much more. Additionally, you can also query our general worldwide call center search to find the best call centers in the world — many of which are in India, The Philippines, and Central America.

What are prices like at Indian call centers?
On our list of call centers in India, prices range from about US$4 per hour to about $12 depending on the skill level. High level technical support for sophisticated IT products might run you higher than that. But, simple repetetive call scripts for basic data verification jobs are often around $4-6 per hour. Prices in the Philippines are more from $6-10 per hour while in the Caribbean it is more around $9 to $12. Prices in Canada tend to be $30 and up per hour, so you are getting a bargain for call center work overseas.

What specialties should you look for in an India call center?
India is the place to look for lead generation and tech support. Indian call centers tend to not do as well at customer service as Indians are a bit more technical and aggressive than the Filipinos who excel at gentle and kind customer service. For Inbound consider Costa Rica or Manila, but for outbound sales think about Mumbai!

Find Call Centers in India: Search Results

How to start a call center or BPO

Find Indian Call Centers

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Do you need to find an inbound Indian call center or Delhi call center? Try 123outsource.net. outbound Call Centers in India specialize more in technical support, lead generation, and outbound sales while the Filipino call centers specialize more in customer care, appointment setting and inbound services.

123outsource.net has technical support call centers in India in every major metro. We have Mumbai Call Centers, Delhi Call Centers, Bangalore Call Centers, Bombay Call Centers, Noida Call Centers, and more.

Additionally, many of the companies that advertise in our inbound call center or outbound call center page also do technical support, so please feel free to browse around our various categories.

Some Indian technical support call centers specialize in particular types of software or devices such as android, iphones, etc. Others are willing to learn about your particular technical needs and will customize their service accordingly.

How to acquire call center clients — looking like a big company

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Getting respect
Many small companies feel that they can’t get any respect unless people think they are a big company. If you live in a 3rd world country, it is hard to get past these narrow-minded opinions. 3rd worlders have nonsensical and narrow-minded opinions about almost everything. In America, we don’t think that bigger is better. The coolest companies in America are small companies. Small companies often don’t want to become bigger companies.

Keeping your roots
Some larger American companies still maintain a lot of the charm that they had when they were smaller companies. Some people think that you can’t get ahead without the big company image, but charm sells — and don’t you forget that!

Small time call centers
Many small time call centers feel that they can not get clients unless they look like a big company. Nothing could be further from the truth. Often, the reps at these companies will be very impersonal and distant to maintain their big company image. However, when you ask them anything about their company and workers — they can not produce any content — it is always private. The bigger question is, how can you acquire call center clients if you don’t answer any of their questions? People don’t want big companies, they want answers! So, start giving them.

Being helpful — not being big
Indian call centers are famous for having people with typical thick Indian accents pretending to be in America, and having a fake American name. They think that the only way to be liked is to be American. This is not true. The way to be liked is not to be American, and is also NOT to be a big company. Being HELPFUL is the way to be liked. At my company, clients don’t like it when we are NICE to them. They don’t want NICE, they want HELP. This is why I succeed in my business — I am not nice — But, I am helpful.

Skills — not size
When I interview call centers, I don’t care if they are big or small. I want to know if they have employees who can do my work the way I want it done. If they have 100 workers of various skill levels, but refuse to give me one who has the skill set that I want, I will not be happy. I would be better off with a call center with 1 seat, that has the worker that I want. It is about skills — not size.

The moral of the story
What you should learn from this blog entry is: Don’t pretend to be a glamorous large company (unless you are). Rather, pretend to be a small, helpful, and skillful company that answers all of the client’s questions. Then, you will impress people. You should be flexible and nice too if you want to attract call center clients!

Tamilians on this TV commercial get the sale!

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Tamilians on this TV commercial get the sale where call centers fail!

Americans are so resistant to getting calls from Indian call centers, that managers at these call centers often feel that the problem is that Americans don’t like Indians.  This is simply not true!  Americans are a bit squeemish at first if you are from a culture that they are not used to, but if you are charming and perhaps funny, you can easily break through the cultural barrier.  The best thing about America is that cultural borders ARE crossable, and sometimes can be crossed faster than you think if you have the right approach.

There was a recent commercial on TV for cell phones. There were two Tamilian guys who were very funny, and likeable.  An overweight goofy looking freckled American boy named Billy steps up and gets roped by a noose around his leg that hoisted him up in to the air upside down.  One of the Indian guys said, “Silly Billy, you fell in to the contraPT”.  Billy got trapped by a contract that was more like a “contrap”.  This commercial was popular all around the United States.

North Indian call centers and airline workers think that they need to be as fair skinned as Europeans, and have perfectly neutral accents, and discard anything Indian about themselves to do well in the modern economy.  The irony is that these particular dark skinned Tamilians with very Thick, but understandable accents in the commercial became instant hits with Americans, while call center workers who pretend their name is Mike and pretend they are located in New York are NOT very popular with Americans.

The truth is that Americans normally feel threatened by people from the Middle East and South Asia who wear very foreign clothing, and who are perhaps dark, veiled, or have strong accents.  HOWEVER, Americans usually make an exception for Indians, since we perceive Indians as being GENTLE and INTELLIGENT when we meet them in person.

My point is that call center workers need to work harder at being PERSONABLE, instead of working hard to erase their Indian-ness. Americans normally like Indians who are personable — so there is no need to pretend not to be Indian.  Additionally, no matter how hard you pretend not to be Indian, you will still sound foreign to us unless you have been socializing exclusively with Americans for two decades.

I met one North Indian girl who was working on an airline in India. She was so fair, that she could almost pass as a European.  But, her attitude was terrible. She PRETENDED not to know what masala chai was.  Pretending that you are ignorant about Indian culture does not erase the fact that you are an Indian — it only proves that you are confused, and too snobby to accept the culture you were born into.

All you have to do is speak clearly, be helpful, and likeable!  Instead of being fake, focus on your interaction skills, and the rest becomes secondary!

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