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Call Center Blues: Does Credibility Matter?

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What is Credibility Anyway?

It comes down to trust. Basically, credibility means you are offering something worth listening to. Whether you work in a call center in India or a call center in the Philippines, the people you are calling need to believe you have information that can genuinely help them or improve their lives in some way. They need to feel you are calling to offer them something, not just to take something from them.

Here are three simple steps that actually create credibility:

The people you are calling need to hear that…

1) you have a name they can understand and will like.
Saying your name too quickly or in a way that sounds like you do not like your name will not create a reason for the person to want to find out why you are calling. Announce your name clearly and confidently at the beginning of the call. Imagine you are calling to tell them they have won a million dollars; the sound of your voice will make people want to listen!

Call centers in India often suggest a false name; however, using your real name (if you are allowed to) can be just as effective–if you are pleasant, upbeat, and knowledgeable. If you are required to use a false name, make sure it is one you choose and feel comfortable with. Saying your name with confidence and pride is the number one step in the entire process of creating credibility! People want to talk to someone who sounds like he/ she is worth talking to.

2) you know the name of the company you represent, and the name of the person you are calling. One experienced manager of a successful call center in India points out that a skillful, upbeat caller can create confidence and elicit a friendly response in less than one minute just by the way he announces his name, company name, and the name of the person he/ she is calling! On the other hand, if you mispronounce a name like you have never heard of it before, it shows you are not a friend or someone worth talking to. It does not create credibility.

3) you offer accurate and interesting information (name, address, account number, relevant product information–if it is a customer service or sales call). After you confirm their name, it will also help create credibility if you confirm any information you know about them (Do they own a particular product you are calling about? Do they live in Cleveland?). Even if you are from a call center in India that is nowhere near where they live, you can make them feel they know you by making them feel comfortable that you know something about them. Then, offer them new information in a way that is engaging and upbeat.

Two Known Facts:

Succeeding at these three steps in the first two minutes is proven to help people listen better, understand you better, and become engaged in the conversation.

A pleasant conversation creates warmth and builds credibility…and doubles your chances of success in making a sale or resolving an issue. People will feel you are right there in the room (or certainly in the same country)…instead of in a call center in India–or anywhere else.

(1) You gain credibility in a call center by having a pronounceable name & being able to interact
(2) A pleasant conversation creates warmth and builds credibility & makes the sale!

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