Twitter strategy — target those who retweet a lot!

I do a lot of social media for my business. It is hit and miss, and you have to understand analytics to know if it is helping or working. You need to understand the value of a follower, and how much effort is worth putting in to get a new follower. But, not all followers are created equal. Active followers are not necessarily harder to get, but they are in shorter supply, and worth a hundred times more than a dormant follower on social media.

I target active people on Twitter. I like people who tweet a lot. I like people with really top-notch content. I can retweet top-notch content without sacrificing my quality standards after all. I can also promote the blog articles that I read from other people’s top notch Twitter accounts, but put an original title and tags to accompany their link. That helps me, and helps them.

But, mostly, I like to target new followers who retweet a lot. If you post good content, and you have 1000 followers who love to retweet, your content could go viral, or at least show up on the keyword search results page on Twitter. The problem is that the longer you do outreach, you end up running out of the top notch prospects to follow.

I’m just starting a travel twitter @meander411
Luckily for me, the industry has thousands of active travel lovers who are on Twitter, and the content they promote is often excellent. The sky is the limit. I hope I don’t see the day when I run short of good prospects. We’ll see.

One of the obstacles that I run into is that many followers are from other countries who speak Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, or Hindi. I can’t function in any of those languages. I prefer English speaking followers. Another issue is that those who are not travel focused often retweet travel materials. Should I follow someone who is not relevant simply because they take interest in travel?

It is hard to say. We’ll find out how it goes after a few months!

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