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Types of tweets that win the game!

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Many people like Twitter, but being popular on twitter is hard, even for the talented. So, here are a few “twips”.

(1) Don’t write downers on Twitter. Keep it upbeat and happy. Even an informative tweet that has tone in it can repel followers quickly.

(2) If you are going to Tweet about something unpleasant, make it a shocker. People like to be shocked and will be likely to retweet, especially if someone died, was jailed, injured or was maimed.

(3) Many people like it if you tweet about what is illegal or who got in trouble for doing something dangerous or illegal

(4) Then, there is the G-Major tweet. A simplistic tweet stating some very basic information about some subject matter.
i.e. Acupuncture originated in China and is 3000 years old — is an example of a simple yet informative tweet. These tweets generally get some positive attention, especially if they are general enough for a regular person to understand!

(5) Tweets about how to succeed or make more money are often very well accepted.

(6) Tweets that are funny or have an interesting point of view on an issue can get retweeted easily!

(7) Keep it varied, and don’t write the same thing over and over again.

(8) Mixing in some current events, general media info, responses to posts on Facebook or other social media platforms that were interesting, and general industry news is a beneficial mix. The exact mixture needs to be experimented with and decided upon by you.

(9) Interactions are better than tweets. Yes, it is a documented fact, at least with my accounts. Writing really interesting responses on OTHER people’s Twitter accounts can get you noticed fast. If your account only has 100 followers, you can still go to someone’s account with a MILLION followers and write a beautiful rebuttal to someone’s point. Typically what happens is that you will get retweeted systematically, but NOT usually by the account where you posted the remark (if it is a big account). Typically, others that frequent that account to read responses will retweet you, and this will get you fantastic exposure overnight! However, if the account you responded to is in the same industry as you are, then you have a high chance of being retweeted by them. It is interesting to see how the game manifolds itself. Twitter is fun, and if you play your tweets right, you can become a hit sooner than you “thwink”.

My audience for one of my accounts loves accounts of fraud, crime, punishment, industry news, how to make money fast, etc. But, they don’t like international themes, overseas news, witty points, or philosophical observations. I need to be aware of my crowd to please them. Are you aware of your crowd? Pay attention to what you Tweet and how your audience responds or grows when you tweet stuff they like!

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(1) Don’t write downers on Twitter. It is better to look at the tweet as half full, than half empty.
(2) Even an informative tweet that has tone in it can repel followers quickly.
(3) If you are going to Tweet about something unpleasant, make it a shocker.
(4) Shock, but don’t depress: tweet if someone died, was jailed, injured or was maimed.
(5) When you tweet, make it provocative. Provocation provokes a retweet!

(6) It is hard to ignore a tweet that has an element of shock to it.
(7) Don’t tweet that your lunch made you queasy, tweet that you were food poisoned by the waiter!
(8) Many people like tweets about what is illegal or dangerous!
(9) Many people like tweets about illegal activities that blew up in someone’s face!
(10) Girls are as attracted to dangerous guys as people are to tweets about danger or illegal activity!

(11) A tweet with very basic information or simple facts will be very appreciated by your followers!
(12) If you want your Twitter to be successful — tweet about #success (or #failure). People like this!
(13) Successful tweets are likely to be short, and have at least 2 #hashtags, plus a link. #success
(14) For a successful tweet, tweet about #success (or #failure.) People like succeeding (& watching others fail.)
(15) Tweets that are funny or have an interesting point of view on an issue can get retweeted easily!
(16) Mixing in some current events & quotes from ur FB followers w/ur industry specific tweets gets traffic!

(17) Tweets get lost in the shuffle, but interactions show up in people’s “connect” inbox & if u click “expand”
(18) If u have a small twitter account, you can still get seen by RESPONDING to tweets from bigger accounts!
(19) Are you aware of your crowd? Pay attention to how they respond or grow when you tweet stuff they like!

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Twitter strategy — target those who retweet a lot!

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I do a lot of social media for my business. It is hit and miss, and you have to understand analytics to know if it is helping or working. You need to understand the value of a follower, and how much effort is worth putting in to get a new follower. But, not all followers are created equal. Active followers are not necessarily harder to get, but they are in shorter supply, and worth a hundred times more than a dormant follower on social media.

I target active people on Twitter. I like people who tweet a lot. I like people with really top-notch content. I can retweet top-notch content without sacrificing my quality standards after all. I can also promote the blog articles that I read from other people’s top notch Twitter accounts, but put an original title and tags to accompany their link. That helps me, and helps them.

But, mostly, I like to target new followers who retweet a lot. If you post good content, and you have 1000 followers who love to retweet, your content could go viral, or at least show up on the keyword search results page on Twitter. The problem is that the longer you do outreach, you end up running out of the top notch prospects to follow.

I’m just starting a travel twitter @meander411
Luckily for me, the industry has thousands of active travel lovers who are on Twitter, and the content they promote is often excellent. The sky is the limit. I hope I don’t see the day when I run short of good prospects. We’ll see.

One of the obstacles that I run into is that many followers are from other countries who speak Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, or Hindi. I can’t function in any of those languages. I prefer English speaking followers. Another issue is that those who are not travel focused often retweet travel materials. Should I follow someone who is not relevant simply because they take interest in travel?

It is hard to say. We’ll find out how it goes after a few months!

Case studies in how to spruce up your tweets!

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Ur tweets ain’t got no style kid.
Case studies in how to spruce up your tweets!
#socialmedia #marketing

I am on Twitter every day for at least an hour. I find it very interesting to see what works, what is hot, and what is not. Unfortunately for me, I have no formal writing background. I write for around two hours per day, and am getting better at it. But, writing tweets is a very different kind of writing. I have found it much harder to write successful tweets than to write a popular blog.

I learned that you can be a mediocre writer, yet have a successful blog providing you pick interesting topics that your audience likes and bring up interesting points within the article. However, writing tweets that get systematically retweeted requires a very different skill set which includes a knowledge of tags, ability to create slogan type phrases, and identify what is hot.

Below are some case studies of how I jazzed up my own tweets. I do a lot of trial and error. It is hard to put great information in 140 characters or less, plus fit a link and a tag or two in there as well.

Case #1.
The first line of the tweet should be an intro.
If you have a tweet, it is good to have the tweet on more than one line for best results. The reader’s eye needs to catch the main point. Many people suggest having shorter tweets. However, what I found is that long tweets are better than short ones — just make sure the first line of the tweet is short so the reader’s eye can process the information when they are scanning through thousands of tweets.

The second line should develop the theme.
Normally, when I write tweets, the second line of the tweet gives useful additional information about the article being linked to. You can’t fit all of the main points of the article in the tweet, but you can put some of the more salient features. Sometimes you can put a list of things to do or see on the second line. Putting lists of countries hasn’t worked well for me in the past, but lists of activities works — if they are hot with your audience. Although in Twitter, people tend to use bad grammar and sentence fragments, try to avoid this. If you are going to use a sentence fragment, at least use a complete sentence fragment.

People responded better to my second version of this tweet.
For some reason, people often retweet you more if you put a number in the tweet. 5 ways to improve your business; 6 places to have crab; 7 ways to annoy your boss, etc. I think that “crab or crabcakes” annoyed the reader with a perceived unnecessary variation in terms. Roast crab didn’t entice the readers too much, but the idea of fusion from exotic places like Cuba and Vietnam struck a chord. Getting retweeted is about catching the reader’s attention pushing the their buttons.

Best places to have #Crab or #Crabcakes in #LosAngeles
Roast crab, crab/salmon sashimi on a tortilla, more!
http://blog.meander411.com/2014/06/06/places-to-have-crab-crab-cakes-in-los-angeles/ …
(This one got no retweets)

6 places to have #Crabcakes in #LosAngeles
Cuban fusion, Vietnamese fusion, sashimi & traditional
http://blog.meander411.com/2014/06/06/places-to-have-crab-crab-cakes-in-los-angeles/ …
(This one got several retweets.)

Case #2
The first version of this tweet about the hills of Los Angeles was boring. People are not so interested in hiking unless you can put a twist on it. Views can be exciting if you can elaborate on what made the view special or show a picture. The second version was hot because it included mingling with the stars which is a very cool concept. In real life, the stars are not going to give you the time of day, but it is exciting to think about passing by them on a hiking trail which really happened to me. Skybar is one of the most bling-bling bars in the entire state of California. Merely mentioning it provokes thoughts of Los Angeles’ most chic people lounging with an amazing view of the metro.

Explore the hills of Los Angeles
Hike at Griffith Park and enjoy ocean views in Malibu
(include link and tags here)

Explore the local hills of #LosAngeles
Mingle w/the stars @Runyan Canyon, then visit Skybar in W Hollywood


Case #3
The first version of this tweet has a list of interesting or unusual activities. It accentuated some of the highlights of Thailand which is good, but the tweet in general didn’t catch the audience’s positive response. The second one was more popular because it used some simple basic grammar structures which made it more pleasant to read. Verb-Activity; Verb Noun. Although there was not room for complete sentences, it used acceptable grammar for “headers” which made it easy to read. I put the activities eachon a different line which made it easier to read. Additionally, there was a different verb for each activity which made it comfortable and enjoyable to read — and a bit like a travel commercial aimed at children. We actually experimented with composing tweets in the same style that Disney does which is very what I call, “G Major” and childlike. Childish tweets that are cute and endearing can be very popular with adults and children alike.

Adventuous things to do in Thailand
Coral Diving, kick boxing, eating insects, and more…
(include link and tags here)

Adventurous things to do in #Thailand
Go Coral diving
Try Thai kick-boxing
Eat a silkworm
(include link and tags here)

Case #4
This was a fun one. I like to read other people’s blogs. If the blogs have content that usually pleases me, I will become a regular visitor. The article I tweeted about here was written by a very interesting girl who is an actress and world traveler. the first version was fun and got some response. But, the second version got retweeted, and the retweets got retweeted. It went slightly viral which is exciting. I combined verbiage suitable for a very formal sounding tutorial and combined it with the ridiculous and provocative theme of crashing weddings in India (of all places) and it was an instant hit. Then, I added a little more information about the article about bollywood and cultural advice which further interested the readers. I wish tweets could be longer than 140 characters — it would allow so much more flexibility and options.

Crashing weddings in India
What to do and what not to do
(include link and tags here)

A step by step guide to crashing weddings in India
Bollywood dancing & general cultural advice
(include link and tags here)

I hope you enjoyed reading about sprucing up your tweets. I have never seen an article before with case studies of improving tweets one by one. Normally people write very generic advice about tweeting which isn’t so easy to apply. I hope you learned something and feel free to tweet questions to me.