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A worldwide shortage of good .net programmers

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The old days
It used to be easy to hire programmers for many years, but recently a bubble in the .net programming market has formed, making it hard to get any programming resources at all, even if you pay top dollar. The only way to get work done is to offshore the work to Eastern Europe or India it seems. But, even they have a shortage of the higher end programmers.

But, when will this bubble end? Maybe sooner than you think!

What is India doing?
India is churning out programmers faster than a sausage machine turns out sausages — or at least it seems. The big companies gulp up all the good ones too. In India there are tons of junior level programmers available, but where are the seasoned programmers? Gulped up! They exist, but they just are not available for consumption by smaller companies. However, as the years go on, all of the existing junior programmers will mature into seasoned programmers, and hopefully there will be too many programmers for the big companies to devour. Or, there could be a turn in the world economy where the big guys start laying off workers left and right. It is unpredictable and markets are always cyclical in any case. But, programmers grow on trees in India and that is not going to change.

The hidden giant!
The world looks at India when it thinks about software outsourcing. The Philippines doesn’t do that much IT outsourcing compared to call center work. But, what about China? China focused more on manufacturing for decades, but now is doing a lot more with IT outsourcing. Chinese companies tend to be larger than most Indian companies which is a huge difference. But, the key fact to understand here is that Chinese will work 16 hour days, and can be very efficient if they put their mind to it. If the Chinese decide to take over IT outsourcing, then in a matter of years, the game will be over. India is too lackadaisical to win the game. China will win and take most of the market with it. This could mean mass unemployment for American programmers and a glass ceiling for salary increases in India.

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123outsource.net’s growth

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123outsource.net’s growth

123outsource.net outsource directory is growing, but not the way we thought.   When 123outsource was created, we thought we would cater mainly to India with a strong presence in South Africa, Philippines, Argentina, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh as an outsourcing directory.  The surprising fact is that Filipino call centers and other companies in the Philippines did not respond to our internet presence.  Pakistan and Bengladesh responded, but in a way that was far less efficient than  was necessary to continue advertising in those areas.  Additionally, South Africa and Argentina did not respond well to our web presence.

Countries that responded well
We always knew that India would be the star of the show, and Indian outsourcing companies respond very well to us. We get new sign ups from Indian companies daily.  But, the other countries that responded well to us was a surprize.  United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Singapore are some of the lead countries that use our site.  We got some good responses from Costa Rica as well.  Singapore is our leading browser country with browser volume that surpassed the United States on many weeks.  They did so well, that we separated Singapore from our regular advertising campaign, so that we could manage them more carefully. But, why do these particular countries do so well with us?  I believe its because they have huge populations of Indian nationals who are closely tied to the motherland.  America has many Indians too, but our Indians have business or jobs that are not connected to India.  Our Deshis are tied to the local economy.

Turkey anyone?
We have just started marketing outsourcing services in Turkey.  Turkey has many startup call centers and other BPO operations, primarily in Istanbul.  We are not sure if they will respond well to our advertising, but we will see.  Advertising in India averages one sign up for every 300 clicks, so it will take another month to see if Turkey gets a sign up in its first 300 clicks.

China, the next frontier.
China is huge, and will overtake India in the Software outsourcing niche by 2015 according to current trends.  Unfortunately, the Chinese have never been as linguistically adept as the Indians, so communicating with them is not always easy.  We will see if China responds well to our new advertising presence for software outsourcing and other specialties.  We got 10 clicks from China on our first day of advertising, so we expect the click volume to be higher as time goes on, and as the next business week begins. We hope that many companies in China will sign up to be on our directory.

Costa Rica
Most people don’t even know where Costa Rica is.  Its a tiny country in Central America with a thriving web design and call center industry. We will start advertising there shortly.   The language difference is an issue though. The national language of Costa Rica is Spanish, and we speak English.  Luckily, I have a staff member who speaks very clear Spanish as a second language, but our ads are in English, and the search terms we advertise for are in English to.  We could try to use a few Spanish terms and see how it goes. We did that for Argentina, but with no lucky. Argentinians are talented in art, but not in business unfortunately.