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Hitting the 10,000 mark on Twitter!

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I just hit the 10,000 mark on one of my Twitter accounts. It is kind of exciting. Not as exciting as hitting 100,000, but still good. Since that account is in a niche market, the potential for future growth looks slow. But, there is still potential in the long run, retweeted posts don’t go anywhere because the friends of industry specific people are not in the same industry. My other account which is more of a general business and social media account appeals to a much larger cut of society leaving my retweets sometimes going viral on a good day.

I know it all now — I think!
I think that the bigger issue is that I feel I have “figured out” Twitter, and Google+. I have done well on Facebook. My success path seems paved for me, although I have only achieved a small success so far. I know what to do now. I know I can get that big success. It is just a factor of doing more repetitive work, or outsourcing the work to someone else.

The most important thing is your account name!
One lesson I’ve learned about social media, is the biggest factor that can cause your ultimate success or failure is your name. Not your personal name — your account name. It’s a little like the old days. If you grew up 60 years ago in the formerly mostly Jewish Lower East Side and your name was Noddington, you just won’t be as popular as if your name was Horowitz!

I want to master more networks
I want to ultimately do social media consulting. But, I want to be the best one. I want to know the top ten networks really well. Even if I don’t physically manage them, I want to supervise and do the strategy work. For me it is all about the strategy, not the leg work, although it is good to be good at both.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but in my account with 10,000 followers, I’m changing the focus from acquiring more followers to posting more and milking the network for clicks. Wish me well! It will be fun to see what the future holds for my other accounts!

Your Turn: How Social Media is like a game of Monopoly

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Move your thimble! It’s your turn!

What do social media and a game of monopoly have in common? More than you think. When you play monopoly, you start out with some money, and you move around the board collecting properties. When someone else lands on your property you collect some money. You can use the money to buy more properties. But, if you land on someone else’s property, you have to pay them.

In real life in web business, you can acquire social media accounts and put money or time into getting followers on those accounts. Every time you pass go and collect $200, you get another week of time to invest in building your accounts. The problem is that in web business, whenever something on your web site(s) breaks, you have to pay the programmers big bucks which is like landing on someone else’s hotel in Monopoly.

As you go around the board, you might land on the question mark, pick up a card, and get the Go To Jail card. This is what happens when your SEO technique is something that the Google gods don’t care for.

But, another aspect that links social media and Monopoly is that you don’t acquire the entire world all at once. You develop your empire in bits and pieces. Every step along the road you have to make strategic choices and decisions. Which property do you save your money for? Do you built hotels all at once or do you wait? When do you sell your properties? How much do you save for an emergency? It is all just like real life. The only difference between Monopoly and real life is that:

(1) I am not a thimble and
(2) In real life in addition to hotels, there are resorts!